Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Readings from the Quran [23]: A Gracious Guardian

Attend to your prayers,
render the alms levy [zakaat],
and hold fast to God;
for He is your Guardian.

A gracious Guardian and a
gracious Helper!

Quran 22: 78b

Monday, September 29, 2008

Readings from the Quran [22]: My Prayers and my Devotions....

Say: 'My prayers and my devotions, my life and my death,
are all for God, Lord of the Universe: He has no partner.
Thus am I commanded, being the first of the Muslims.'

Say: 'Should I seek any but God for my Lord, when He is the Lord of all things?
Each man shall reap the fruits of his own deeds: no soul shall bear another's burden.
In the end to your Lord shall you return, and He will resolve your disputes for you.'

Quran 6: 162-164

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Readings from the Quran [21]: The Mercy of Allah

He that does a good deed shall be rewarded tenfold;
but he that does evil shall be rewarded only with evil.
None shall be wronged.

Quran 6: 160

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Readings from the Quran [20]: The Recompense of the Righteous

When they [people of the book] listen to that [Quran] which was revealed to the Apostle,
you see their eyes fill with tears as they recognize its truth.
They say: "Lord, we believe. Count us among the witnesses.
Why should we not believe in God and in the truth that has come down to us?
Why should we not hope our Lord will admit us among the righteous?'

And for their words God has rewarded them with gardens
watered by running streams, where they shall dwell for ever.
Such is the recompense of the righteous.

Quran 5: 83-85

Friday, September 26, 2008

Readings from the Quran [19]: God's Reward is Everlasting

Do not barter God's covenant for a trifling price.
God's reward is better for you, if you but knew it.
Your worldly riches are transitory, but God's reward is everlasting.

We shall recompense the steadfast according to their noblest deeds.
Be they men or women, to those that embrace Faith and do what is right We will surely grant a happy life;
We shall reward them according to their noblest deeds.

Quran 16: 95-97

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Readings from the Quran [18]: Unravvelling Yarn

God enjoins justice, kindness and charity to one's kindred,
and forbids lewdness, reprehensible conduct and oppression.
He admonishes you so that you may take heed.

Keep faith with God when you make a pledge.
You shall not break your oaths after you have sworn them:
for by swearing in His name you make God your surety.
God has knowledge of all your actions.

Do not -like the woman who unravels the thread she has firmly spun -
take oaths with mutual deceit and break them on finding yourselves superior in numbers.
In this, God puts you to the proof.
On the Day of Resurrection He will resolve your differences for you.

Quran 16: 90-92

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Readings from the Quran [17]: Man the Quibbler

We have spelled out every sort of example in this Quran.
But man is exceedingly contentious.

What has prevented men from believing and seeking forgiveness from their Lord,
once guidance has come to them: unless they are waiting for the fate of the ancients to overtake them
or to behold the scourge with their own eyes.

We send Our apostles only to proclaim good news and to give warning.
But with false arguments the unbelievers seek to confute the truth,
deriding My revelations and My warnings.

Who is more wrong than the man, who reminded of his Lord's revelations,
turns away from them and forgets what his own hands have done?
We have cast veils over their hearts lest they understand Our words,
and made them hard of hearing.

Your Lord is forgiving and merciful. Had it been His will to scourge them for their sins,
He would have hurried on their punishment;
but He has set for them a predestined time they cannot evade.

Quran 18:54-58

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Readings from the Quran [16]: Who will Loose the Most

Say: 'Shall We announce to you those who have lost the most through [their] actions?'
Those whose effort led them astray during worldly life, while they reckoned they were producing something fine,
are the ones who have disbelieved in their Lord's signs and about meeting Him;
their actions will prove to be useless, and We shall set up no weighing-in for them on Resurrection Day.

Such will be their reward -Hell,
because of how they have disbelieved and taken My signs and My messengers for a laughingstock.

Those who believe and perform honorable deeds will have the gardens of Paradise as a lodging to live in for ever;
they will never seek any transfer from it.

Quran: 18: 103-109

Monday, September 22, 2008

Readings from the Quran [15]: This World and the Next

Set forth an example for them about worldly life being like water We send down from the sky.
The plants on the earth swell up with it; yet some morning they will become dry weeds which the winds will blow away.
God is Competent to do everything!

Wealth and children are an attraction during worldly life.
Yet honorable deeds that last for ever are better as a recompense from you Lord and even better to hope for.

Some day We shall set the mountains traveling along and you will see the earth lying exposed.
We will summon them and not one of them shall We omit;
they will me marshaled in ranks before your Lord:
"You have come to Us as We created you in the first place even though you claimed
We would never make any appointment for you."

The Book will be produced and you will see criminals apprehensive about its contents.
The will say: "It's too late for us! What does this book mean for me?
It omits nothing either small nor large unless it is accounted for."
They will find whatever they have done presented there,
even though you Lord will not wrong anyone.

Quran 18:45-49

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Readings from the Quran [14]: Two Vineyards

Once there were two men, to each of whom We gave a vineyard.
The vineyards were surrounded by palm-trees and were watered by a running stream;
and a cornfield lay between them.

Both vineyards yielded an abundant crop.
After the owner has finished gathering in the harvest, one said to the other:
'I am richer than you, and my family is larger than yours.'
In speaking in this way he wronged his own soul.

Then he led the other owner into his vineyard, and said:
'I am sure that this will never perish. And I do not believe that the moment of judgment will ever come.
Yet even if I am taken back to the Lord, I shall be given an even better place than this.'

The other owner replied: 'Have you no faith in the one Who created you from dust,
who caused you to grow from a tiny seed into man?
I declare that God is my Lord, and there is no other god but Him.
When you entered your vineyard, why did you not say:
"That which God has ordained will surely come to pass, there is no strength except in God"?
As you observe I am poorer than you are, and I have fewer children;
yet God may make my vineyard better than yours.
He may send down thunderbolts from the sky on your vines, turning your vineyard into a barren waste,
or He may cause the streams to drain away into the earth so that you will find none of it.'

The proud owner's fruits were destroyed, and he wrung his hands with grief
at all that he had spent on the garden. His vines has tumbled down upon their trellises.
[He cried out:] 'If only I had served no other gods than my Lord!'
There was no one to help him except God; nor was he able to defend himself.

In such ordeals protection comes only from God, the true God.
His is the best recompense, and His the best requital.

Quran 18: 32-44

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Readings from the Quran [13]: Ramadan

Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur'an,
as a guide to mankind, also clear (signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong).

So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting,
but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (should be made up) by days later.

Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties.
(He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance you shall be grateful.

-Qur'an,  2:185

Friday, September 19, 2008

Readings from the Quran [12]: Daylight

By the light of day, and by the dark of night,
your Lord had not forsaken you [Muhammad -peace and blessings of Allah be upon him],
not does He abhor you.

The life to come holds a richer prize for you than this present life.
You shall be gratified with what your Lord will give you.

Did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter?
Did He not find you unaware and guide you?
Did He not find you poor and enrich you?

Therefore do not wrong the orphan, nor chide away the beggar.

But proclaim the goodness of your Lord.

Quran: 93: 1-11

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Readings from the Quran [11]: Worldly Gain

Your hearts are taken up with worldly gain from the cradle to the grave.

But you shall learn. Then you shall surely learn.

Indeed, if you learned the truth with certainty, you would see the fire of Hell:
you would see it with your very eyes.

Then, on that day, you shall be questioned about your joys.

Quran 102: 1-8

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Readings from the Quran [10]: The Night of Qadr

We revealed this [Quran] of the Night of Qadr. Would that you knew what the Night of Qadr is like!

Better in the Night of Qadr than a thousand months.

On that night the angels and the Spirit by their Lord's leave come down with each decree.

The night is peace, till beak of dawn.

Quran 97:1-5

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Readings from the Quran [9]: A Healing Balm

Say: 'Truth has come and falsehood has departed. Falsehood was bound to be routed.'

That which we have revealed in the Quran is a healing balm and a blessing to all true believers,
although it only adds to the wrongdoers' prospects of damnation.

Often when we bestow blessings on someone, that person turns away and behaves proudly.
But when evil comes, that same person plunges into despair.

Say: 'People act according to their own natures. But the Lord knows best who is more rightly guided.'

They put questions to you about the Spirit. Say: 'The Spirit is at my Lord's command.
Only a small amount of knowledge is given to you.'

If We pleased, We could take away that which We have revealed to you.
Then you have nothing to protect you against Us!
But your Lord is merciful, and His grace to you is truly abundant.

Quran: 17.81-87

Monday, September 15, 2008

Readings from the Quran [8]: Some Commandments

Do not commit adultery, for it is foul and indecent.

Do not kill any person whom God has forbidden you to kill.
If you kill someone unjustly, that person's heir is entitled to take revenge.
But the heir should not carry vengeance too far,
for the victim will in turn take revenge - and be assisted in this.

Do not interfere with the property of orphans
until they reach maturity, except from proper motives.

Keep your promises; you are accountable for all you promise.

When you sell goods, give full measure; and weigh with honest scales.
Not only is this fair; it will also benefit you in the end.

Do not follow advice which you do not understand.
Make detailed inquiries with you eyes, ears and heart.

Do not walk proudly on the earth.
You cannot split the earth, nor can you rival the mountains in stature.

Avoid all evil; avoid all that is odious is the sight of the Lord.

These injunctions form part of the wisdom with which the Lord has inspired Muhammad [peace and blessings of Allah be upon him].
Serve not other god besides God, lest you should be cast into hell, despised and helpless.

Quran 17. 32-39

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Readings from the Quran [7]: Restoration to Life

They ask: 'After we have turned to bone and dust, shall we be restored to life?'
Say: 'You will - even if you turn to stone or iron, or any other substance which you may think cannot be brought to life.'

They ask: 'Who will restore us to life?'
Say: 'He who created you at first.'

They shake their heads, and ask: 'When will this be?
Say: 'The time may be near at hand.  On that day He will summon all of you, and you will answer Him with praises.
You shall think that you have lingered [in the world] but a little while.'

Quran: 17.49-52

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Readings from the Quran [6]: God's Patience and Mercy

And had it not been God's grace and mercy, forgiveness and wisdom,

He would never have revealed to you His revelations....


And had it not been God's grace and mercy towards you in this life and in the life to come,

you would long ago have been punished for what you did….


And had it not been God's grace and mercy, forgiveness and compassion,

you would long ago have been punished.

You are true believers, so do not walk in the footsteps of Satan.

Those who walk in Satan's footsteps, find themselves committing acts of indecency and evil.

And had it not been God's grace and mercy, none of you would ever have kept himself pure.

God purifies those whom He chooses; He hears all and knows all.


Those of you with wealth and power should never swear to with­hold your help from your relatives,

from the poor, and from those who have lost their homes in the service of God.

Rather they should pardon and forgive­.

Do you not want God to forgive you? He is forgiving and merciful.

Quran 24. 10, 14a, 20-22