Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Readings from the Quran [17]: Man the Quibbler

We have spelled out every sort of example in this Quran.
But man is exceedingly contentious.

What has prevented men from believing and seeking forgiveness from their Lord,
once guidance has come to them: unless they are waiting for the fate of the ancients to overtake them
or to behold the scourge with their own eyes.

We send Our apostles only to proclaim good news and to give warning.
But with false arguments the unbelievers seek to confute the truth,
deriding My revelations and My warnings.

Who is more wrong than the man, who reminded of his Lord's revelations,
turns away from them and forgets what his own hands have done?
We have cast veils over their hearts lest they understand Our words,
and made them hard of hearing.

Your Lord is forgiving and merciful. Had it been His will to scourge them for their sins,
He would have hurried on their punishment;
but He has set for them a predestined time they cannot evade.

Quran 18:54-58


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