Friday, December 26, 2008

Urs of Baba Fareed-uddin Ganj Shakar1

The urs of Baba Sahib has begun at Pak Pattan -from yesterday Zilhaj 25 and will last till Moharram 5. On this occasion, I would like to share his teachings with the participants.

The most authentic source of Hazrat Baba Sahib's teaching is the sayings of Hazrat Mehboob-e-Elahi Nizam-uddin Aulia, the most esteemed and beloved disciple of Baba Sahib. May Allah be pleased with them. The sayings of Hazrat Nizam-uddin Aulia were compiled by his disciple Hazrat Ameer Hasan Sijzi; he named his compilation as "Fawaaid-ul-Fuaad" [morals for the heart].

The best way get most out of the sayings of aulia-Allah [friends of Allah] is not just to read for information, but to listen to them as if one is in the company of the wali-Allah. In this way one gets the benefit of the company of the wali-Allah. And being in the presence of a wali-Allah is not an ordinary moment. Maulana Jalal-uddin Rumi [may Allah be pleased with him] has said: "A short time in the company of the friends [of Allah] is better than a hundred years' sincere, obedient dedication."

When one focuses his or her attention on the wali-Allah, the wali-Allah also directs his spiritual attention towards him and purifies him [or her]. The wali-Allah's spiritual attention is independent of time and space or life and death. It is also recommended that the reader should perform wudu before reading and then exhibit utmost courtesy during reading.

....He spoke as follows: "The penitent is equivalent to the upright. 
The upright is he who never drinks [wine] throughout his life or commits a single sin, 
while the penitent is he who has sinned and then repented of his sin. 
The two are equivalent," he noted, "in accordance with the Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad -may peace be upon him: 
'A person who repents of his sin is like someone who has never sinned.' " 
He then explained what was meant: 
"That sinner who becomes aware of his sin and subsequently repents, 
turning to obedience -every moment he is conscious of the need to obey.
It is possible for one particle of that comfort which he finds in obedience
to reduce to ashes all his sinful excesses."

 Hazrat Mehboob-e-Elahi -may Allah be pleased with him


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